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February 22, 2018

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Devin Gray
Montana State University
Masters Student, Computer Science

My name is Devin Gray. I am currently working towards a Masters degree in Computer Science. I work full time as a Senior Software Engineer at WebFilings here in Bozeman. Previous to this, I was a Software Developer / Application Engineer / Technical Architect at Oracle formerly RightNow Technologies. Due to this full time job, I am taking the courses only track on a part time basis: one class per semester. At this pace I expect to graduate in the Spring of 2014.

Montana State University - EPS building
EPS Building - the home of the CS department (3rd floor)

Last Semester: Spring 2014

CSCI 455 - Embedded Systems: Robotics (CS 445)
3 Credits
Professor: Hunter Lloyd
PREREQUISITE: CSCI 232 and (CSCI 361 or EE 371). -- The basic tools and techniques of embedded systems using robotics as a platform. Student teams will build an autonomous mobile robot, and learn to program it to perform increasingly sophisticated behaviors. Besides providing an introduction to autonomous mobile robot technologies, the students also learn key concepts of mechanics, electronics, programming techniques, and systems design and integration.

Courses Taken

CSCI 451 - Computational Biology (SE 522) - Fall 2013
3 Credits
Professor: Brendan Mumey
PREREQUISITE: CSCI 246. -- This course surveys classic and recent problems from computational biology. Topics covered include algorithms for genomic sequencing and searching, protein structure prediction, and regulatory network discovery.

ESOF 522 - Empirical Software Engineering (SE 522) - Spring 2013
3 Credits
Professor: Clemente (Clem) Izurieta
PREREQUISITE: ESOF 322 or equivalent and STAT 216 or equivalent -- Empirical software engineering focuses on improving software quality through the use of metrics. The course will provide guidance on designing, analyzing and reporting empirical studies, provide information on techniques and metrics needed to measure desired qualities, and the use of practical approaches to study software evolution.
Course Website

CSCI 565 Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing - Fall 2012
3 Credits
Professor: Qing Yang
PREREQUISITE: CSCI 466 - Networks (CS 440)
-- This course introduces the topics of wireless networks and mobile computing. Students will be exposed to different technologies of mobile computing, both software and hardware, and be able to use them to perform wireless networking analysis.

CSCI 538 Computibility (required) - Fall 2011
3 Credits
Professor: Binhai Zhu
PREREQUISITE: CSCI 338 - Computer Science Theory
-- Turing machine computability and decidability; abstract time and space complexity; intractability.
Course Website

CSCI 550 Data Mining - Fall 2010
3 Credits
Professor: Rafal Angryk
PREREQUISITE: A probability or statistics course.
-- Clustering, classification and pattern recognition; performing automated discovery of knowledge from a data set.

CS 515 - Analysis of Algorithms - Spring 2010
3 credits
Professor: Brendan Mumey
-- Concrete time and space complexity; combinatorial algorithms; greedy algorithms; dynamic programming; probabilistic and randomized algorithms; branch-and-bound algorithms.

Book: Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition (supplemental content)

CS 535 - Advanced Database Theory - Fall 2009
3 credits
Professor: Rafal Angryk
-- Advanced database models including active, distributed, deductive, temporal, object-oriented, and web-based; normalization theory and query optimization.

CS 536 - Advanced Artifical Intelligence - Spring 2006
3 credits
Professor: John Paxton
-- An exposure to advanced topics from the field of artificial intelligence. Example topics include machine learning, evolutionary computation, natural language processing, and cognitive science.

CS 425 - Computer Graphics - Fall 2005
4 credits
Professor: Ray Babcock
--High resolution computer graphics. 3D graphics programming using a high level API. Vector mathematics for graphics. Graphics primitives. Curve and surface representations. Transformations using matrices and quaternions. Representing natural objects with particle systems and fractals. Shading and lighting models. Global illumination models. Color representations.